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2 July, 2021
Bridging the gap: Slora eases a much closer relationship between toll road operators and travelers

When it comes to toll roads, there are a list of common services that may come to mind for an operator:


  • Preserving the proper condition of road surfaces such as pavements and concrete
  • Maintaining the thousands of physical assets in and around the roadway
  • Monitoring traffic levels to ensure safety of travelers and road crews
  • Operating and maintaining various methods for accepting toll payments


This list only scratches the surface; there are dozens of other complexities to consider when operating a toll road. So it goes without saying that providing road users – both drivers and passengers – with additional services can become quite complicated. One of the most challenging aspects arises from the inability of operators to communicate directly with the end-users of their toll road during a trip (not to mention before or after the trip!). But this does not have to be the case! Openvia believes that there can be a much closer relationship between toll road operators and toll road travelers and that this will be achieved through mobile app technology.






Slora was born from this very idea. Developed as a B2B2C platform, Slora is intended to provide toll road travelers and end-users with a number of micro-services. Thanks to the cloud platform and slick mobile application, a new connection has been established between operators and end-users. This link allows end-users to enjoy brand new services such as paying tolls from their mobile device (everyone has one!). But while tolling can provide an extra layer of convenience for the modern traveler, it is not without its pain points: long wait times in long lines, out-of-date payment methods (we have all shoved our hand between the seats to find some spare change), car mounted devices required to use the fast lane, etc. Slora not only fixes these problems by introducing modern solutions, but it is paving the way for more innovative solutions in the future.

Imagine learning about the changing condition of the roadway you are on or important traffic updates in real-time through your mobile device. Slora can offer operators a taste of the future by providing these and similar functionalities. And travelers can be confident that the information is accurate becaues it is sourced directly from the operator (as opposed to crowdsourced like some apps). How about rewarding frequent users or attracting new users through loyalty programs? All of these are possible through Slora. These rewarding interactions are how Slora can bridge the communication gap between toll road operator and toll road traveler.

Communication is not a one-way street though. By implementing these various functionalities, Slora is opening a direct communication channel where useful feedback can be gathered. Arming operators with this invaluable data will encourage operators to improve the services they offer, react quickly to events or incidents on the roadway, and ultimately create the highest quality travel experience for its user. Welcome to a world where roads are no longer slabs of asphalt. These smart highways can now provide a service, completing a new vision of infrastructure and expanding an operator’s customer base.

Slora 1.0 launched in late 2020. The app is supported throughout the State of Virginia; working on nearly every major toll road in the state. The launch was positively praised by the general public, Virginia DOT, and the media alike. But Virginia is the first stop on a long car ride for Slora. In 2021, Slora aims to launch in Chile and Portugal.

Openvia strongly believes that Slora will become a brand-new concept delivering futuristic experiences for highway travelers around the world. The future is on the horizon and Openvia intends to bring it to the present by delivering exciting innovative solutions to the palms of your hand (see: Smartcities). The Slora team is hard at work testing these new solutions to expand and improve Slora. Smart mobility is the future and Openvia is cementing their position with Slora. Who knows? Maybe the next toll you pay on Slora will be charged to your favorite cryptocurrency.



Openvia Team.