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17 January, 2020
Autopista del Aconcagua, main actor of the first ElectroRoute of the country

Last Friday, January 17, the most ambitious electrical route in Latin America, the first in the country, was introduced in Santiago de Chile, which will link Chile from Arica to Punta Arenas with the installation of 1,200 charging points and with the possibility of more than 1,800 connections for electric vehicles.

However, it will not be until 4 years (2024) when the electrical route is completely ready for use. Moment in which it is estimated there will be more than 81 thousand electric cars in the country. According to experts, the ElectroRoute will cover more than half of the infrastructure needs for energy charging with an initial investment that reaches 15 billion dollars.
Within the framework of this public-private unpublished effort, Autopista del Aconcagua has participated as the main actor that is already working on the Installation of four electric chargers in its service areas.

Gastón Oróstegui during his speech

This Public Infrastructure Plan of E-Mobility will go together with Enel X, who organized an ElectroRoute presentation event in which Autopista del Aconcagua participated with a stand next to the rest of the signatory companies. In addition, Gastón Oróstegui, Country Manager of Costa Rica and Mexico and General Manager of Autopista del Aconcagua participated in the debate about the “Electromobility belongs to everyone, the other view”. According to Gastón, “this milestone is of the utmost importance, thanks to which we are making our highways in Chile a world reference”.

Globalvia Chile, committed to the environment, will continue to move forward with more innovative projects that allow and encourage responsible use of electricity.

Stand of Globalvia at the event