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6 September, 2021
Asset management on the move

Back in the days (2014) it was all “paper and calls”. This solution arose from the need to know in real time and in accessible way what was happening in our infrastructures, it has evolved to the 1st homogeneous Maintenance and Operation System among Globalvia concessions: Standard comparison, process homogenization, functional implementations, user-friendly, quality standards, database, single platform, shared support. OMA (Openvia Management of Assets) service can provide the necessary tools to develop tasks of supervision, planning and execution in an efficient and homogeneous way, with continuous information flows in real time, and flexible and adaptable configurations to the user.

Where we are?





Workers can be assigned to different shifts and checkpoints or mandatory routes for workers/subcontractors can be defined. From the mobile app or the web, people assigned to shifts can be set. The start and end of shifts can be edited in the same way. This module allows you to see the incidents, preventive work and corrective work carried out by each worker on their shift, as well as the calls made, and the vehicles used.




All the assets of any nature (flooring, ITS, drainage, ventilation…) can be geolocated and referenced with the necessary local unit (road, tunnel, square, junction, street…), both for preventive programmed works and to make assignments for corrective works, as well as to assign inspections. A perfect complement for your operational procedures.




Unlimited maintenance, inspection, verification, installation, and construction plans can be created, associated to the different families of assets and the degree of completion of the tasks (with checklists) programmed.




Several functions are available, in a constant evolution and upgrade:


  • Call register.


  • Communications console.


  • Incidents Management and alarm console.


  • PMVS console.


  • IoT control modules: Console from PMVS, IoT Meteorology, CCTVS, Counting Stations.


Map Service:


The map service helps the global operation of the infrastructure by allowing easy visualization of any element.


  • FLEET geolocation: own or subcontractors.
  • ASSETS geolocation: Edition capabilities and management actions (accessi creation of tickets associated from the map).
  • Geolocation of TICKETS (programming and monitoring of necessary corrections): coding of states; Geolocation of Works: status filter and monitoring.
  • Geolocation of occurrences.
  • Integration with Google Street View; Photos, Full Screen; Monitoring of georeferenced alerts.


Fleet Management:


Control the consumption and kilometers performed by the fleet and integrate the vehicles with assets and jobs.




Stocks (entries, exits, losses, etc.) are managed, with or without integration with an ERP (via API), depending on the operator’s need. Inventories, counts and alerts can be managed.




Each operator has different contractual requirements. Interaction panel with the grantor for the fulfillment of this contractual information duties is available. This functionality can be used also with your providers.




All configuration parameters of the dashboard, control panels, listings, reports and other elements can be edited in an intuitive and easy way (language: PT, ES, EN).


Web Platform:


OMA objective is to be easily used!





With mobile application extensions for handy management.




OUR VALUE: Conceived from Management for MANAGEMENT






  • FLEXIBLE AND MULTI-LINGUAL SYSTEM (now in Portuguese, English and Spanish).




  • QUALITY, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT SUPPORT: it contributes to  establish homogeneous standards in procedures and guarantee ISO 9001, 15001 and 45001 certifications.




  • WEB SERVICE AND MOBILE APPLICATION: to ensure seamless information flow between office and field teams.








  • INCREASED EFFICIENCY: reducing the number of calls by 80%. Elimination of the use of photographic cameras, 300% reduction in response time.


Our clients: Success stories


ACEGA: highway in Galicia (Spain)


It has the OMA installed since 2018, it has changed, and in some cases, improved the way Operation and Maintenance was done. It is the first Concession with a successful SAP S4/HANA integration and definitely an example of how OMA can improve workflows and improve work at a highway concession.

Globalvia Jons: Roads in Dublin (Irleand)


This concession in Ireland is another case of success. The business requirements, in terms of management and reporting, were definitely a challenge for the team. OMA showed that it is a versatile solution with the ability to adapt to any circumstances. The configuration module of OMA made this implementation a lot easier in a way that at this point we can say that OMA in Globalvia Jons is full steam ahead.