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Javier Martín Rivals
Head of European Highways and USA Concession

Javier Martin Rivals joined Globalvia in July 2014 as responsible of the entire Latin American portfolio management, including Costa Rica, Mexico, and Chile Projects. Three years later he was appointed Chief Investment Officer and since 2020 he is responsible for the entire European road portfolio and USA Concession.

Javier has developed all his professional career dealing with projects in the P3 Roads Sector. For more than twenty-five years he has been developing, financing, restructuring, leading and managing P3 projects in international markets. He holds a solid expertise in general management of P3 assets and the development of global business strategies.

He has been working for Ferrovial Group from 1995 to the time he joined Globalvia and has been more than 12 years expatriated in four different countries. During his last responsibility at Ferrovial Group, he managed to restructure and refinance 2,5 B€ in two Concession Projects as CEO for Greece.

Javier has a master’s degree in civil engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), holds both French and Spanish nationality and speaks four languages.

Javier Martín Rivals