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Together against Covid-19
2020 was a year which proved just how fragile people are individually, and just how strong we can be when we unite. It was a year in which the world suffered an unprecedented health and economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and therefore it was a year in which we wanted to contribute something to society more than ever before: support, affection, company and strength. We decided not to stop working and carry out initiatives around the world in the 7 countries where the Company is present to help mitigate the consequences of this unprecedented crisis.
Therefore, our efforts focused on two strategic lines to tackle the crisis. On the one hand, we reinforced our support to the entities who we have been collaborating with on a regular basis, and who in this unusual situation needed our help more than ever to cater to the new needs that have arisen through the pandemic. Some of these entities are Fundación A LA PAR, Fundación PRODIS, Asociación adELA, Fundación ADECCO and AUARA, among others. But we also carried out specific new initiatives that arose during this pandemic with the aim of benefiting the most severely affected people, the underprivileged and most vulnerable to this social and health crisis.

Toll Payments

During the State of Emergency that was declared in Portugal in 2020, we did not hesitate to put our Transmontana and Beira Interior infrastructures at the disposal of all essential workers to help them fight the pandemic throughout the State of Emergency. In view of the situation we were going through, we decided to cover the costs of our tolls on those highways to help hospital and local health workers, care home workers, journalists, security and public order forces to carry on doing their jobs in their key roles to control the pandemic.

Collaboration with public administration departments

We collaborated with the cities and towns near our assets and with the corresponding public administrations, to offer them all the resources at Globalvia’s disposal. To achieve this, we channelled our support through financial donations, delivery of protective equipment and tablets and computers to facilitate communication between the sick and their relatives, and also to schools so that they could carry on with their classes on-line. We also loaned the machinery available at our Concessions to help disinfect public areas, and offered our facilities and volunteers to carry out this work.

Support for vulnerable people

At the most delicate time, the pandemic ruthlessly affected the most vulnerable groups of society. The effects of this particularly cruel side of the pandemic can still be seen in them. Therefore, we stood by them and wanted to do our bit by carrying out different social actions targeting different groups and themes: from financial donations to charities such as Cáritas, Mensajeros por la Paz and the Food Bank, who support the elderly and unemployed; while at the same time supporting nutrition and education programs for children at schools with limited resources, and women and minors suffering from domestic violence. We also banded together with a group of corporate volunteers to care for and accompany the most vulnerable groups in the local communities where we operate, helping with cleaning and disinfection work in these areas.